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BoxaBoza Glam Boxes: Valentine’s Special 3 Days Skin Rituals- DIY Aloe Vera Essential Oil (Body Massage)

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Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner. Have you prepared your skin for the sensuality, you had long been craving for? Get into the sinfully tempting skin practices & pamper yourself to welcome the romance in your life. BoxaBoza makeup box offers organic skin care products that detoxify & ensure impeccable glow to the skin. Follow a three day special skin care ritual to ensure a steamy experience at the hot evening!

Valentines Skin Rituals (Day 1)
Makeup Box

BoxaBoza makeup box includes the revolutionary Skin79 multi-purpose aloe aqua gel. The gel is divinely fresh & moist. Skin79 aloe aqua gel is not only a life-saver for your dreaded dry hair but it also serves as a healing product when applied on the skin. Aloe Vera based tonics, gels, oils etc are known to resurrect life in your hair & body. For Valentines, you need something quick & effective. Prepare the following aloe vera based massage oil for an indulging home-spa experience.

Aloe Vera Body Massage Oil
Forget the overwhelming lavender smell that you last left in the mud room. Beauty does not mean you have to have a hefty wallet. This aloe vera based essential oil ensures peace of mind & relaxation whilst upheaving your spirits. Rejuvenate your skin & get a full body massage with this DIY aloe vera skin oil.

  1. Mix aloevera gel with coconut oil in 1:1 ratio. Add 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil to the mixture. This addition ensure an indulging aroma whilst increasing the medicinal properties of aloevera.
  2. Heat it for approximately 10 minutes on medium fire at the stove. Cool it down before proceeding further.
  3. Once your oil has cooled down at the room temperature; you are free to jump into the uplifting body massage using this DIY aloevera based essential oil.
  4. Get someone’s help and massage your arms, body, back, chest décolleté & legs. It restores moisture & brings smoothness to your entire body. Say no to flaky legs as your better half is worth the pulpy richness of your body!
Makeup box also throw you a repairing skin care mask containing the anti-aging properties of olive, a fruit-facial mask for an instant glow & big eye circle lenses to seduce your partner by just a wink. Don’t miss a single chance and make love that night. For more Valentine’s skin rituals, stay hooked. With our makeup box you don’t get only handful of products but a full basket of skin care rituals that you can always DIY!

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P.S Decorate your massage oil bottle to add more to its appeal. 

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