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BoxaBoza Glam Boxes: Post Valentine Skin Care (3 Days Valentine Skin Care Rituals) - Skin79 Animal Mask Dry Monkey

True love lasts forever. Even though the cupid day has passed after showering hot romance, you still owe to pamper yourself. Celebrating love with your significant other is specific to Valentine’s Day, but falling in love with yourself sees no boundaries. After rounds of alcohol at the special evening & steamy caressing; your skin might have turned slightly dry & scaly to heal which you need nothing but a sheet mask. Skin79 Animal sheet mask for Dry Monkey, presented to you by BoxaBoza makeup box, is specially formulated to treat troubled skin. It is known to re-hydrate & replenish the dry skin by providing intense supply of moisture. BoxaBoza makeup box that contains Skin79 Aloevera Soothing gel & Skin79 Olive Repair mask is filled with goodness of Animal/Fruit masks too. The makeup box has been with you before Valentine & it is essential to wipe away the post Valentine blues.

Post Valentine’s Day Skin Cleansing: BoxaBoza Makeup Box

Wearing layers of makeup can block pores. Makeup deposits turn skin greyish & dry. At Valentine’s, you might have involved yourself in late night love making that is an actual reason of morning eye bags & dark circles. Dark circles persist if are not immediately dealt with and at times stubborn to rid of. Our makeup boxes are a complete package of beauty & skin care. Skin care beauty box throws a set of your favorite animal/fruit mask containing 10 sheets. Skin79 Dry Monkey sheet mask is considerate enough to tackle issues faced by troubled skin from reducing dryness & eliminating flakiness to rehydrating the lack-lustrous tired skin.

Benefits of Dry Monkey Mask

  • Hyaluronic acid contained in the sheet mask keep skin plump, supple & fresh
  • Grape seeds brighten & moisturize
  • Jojoba seeds keep skin firm and improves elasticity
  • Lotus seeds provide soothing sensation that keeps your skin calm

Boxaboza has various makeup boxes. These boxes are ultimate keepsake beauty boxes that are perfect to be later on used as treasure boxes. These makeup boxes contain variety of products from top scoring Korean brands that ensure flawless gorgeous skin!

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