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Korean Makeup Gift Set to help you Heal Dry & Dehydrated Skin

Korean makeup gift set by Guerisson contains complete horse oil range that aims at keeping dryness at bay. This makeup gift set makes the entire package worthwhile for the current transitional weather. Since Guerisson makeup gift set contains everything you need to keep your skin highly hydrated and moisturized you only need to sit back, relax & watch your skin glow while other women flake out. Below is a quick jot down of the products it contain:

Guerisson 9 Complex Makeup Gift Set & Benefits for Humid Weather

Your skin could suffer the most if you don’t modify your everyday routine to fit the changing weather. Nothing makes a better gift than a complete skin care range that vows to heal every woman’s troubling skin concerns. When weather takes a switch from warm to cold you may find it dry, dehydrated & peeling. On the other hand, warmer climate leaves you skin more prone to break out & acne. Warm climate brings back the major concern i.e. harmful scorching UV rays. The humid weather opens up your pores and make your skin susceptible to dirt, debris & bacteria accumulation. Deep cleansing your skin using mild skin care products actually help a great deal.

Hot & humid weather also leads to heat rash. This happens when sweat ducts get closed off & the moisture is trapped inside, leading to heat rash accompanied by a burning sensation. Guerisson makeup gift set includes 24K gold mask sheet that delivers instant cooling effect with tingling sensation. It helps reducing oily sheen and produce an immediate brightening effect. The skin feels refreshed & tight that is a rare happening in sweaty, smoldering warm weather. Fortunately, you have Guerisson makeup gift set as a savior from summer woes.

The discussed makeup gift set features a couple of other skin care supplies that will help you prepare your summer skin. Put your trust in horse oil range because it mimics skin’s natural oil. This help the products to be readily absorbed into skin for immediate yet long lasting results. Guerisson 9 complex makeup gift set is available for only $91.90 in a hardcore gift set, enclosed with a cute gift card & a personalized message.  

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