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The Best LDR Gift: BoxaBoza Makeup Box

Surviving through a long distance relation can be very annoying. There come days and events which a long distance relationship couple would want to mark but the disappointment begins when they fail to. Yes, there are skype dates & hour long chat sessions but without a tangible gift, you cannot express how deeply you are in love with your better half. Sending chocolates & flowers are too main stream. Let’s send your partner a makeup box filled with goodies. Either send her a new makeup box every month or buy her one at her birthday.

What makes BoxaBoza Makeup Box Best for LDR?

Boxa Boza makeup box actually helps your girl get ready for the next live Skype session. It includes everything she needs for her makeover from big eye circle lenses to liquid eye liner, eye lashes etc.Whichever age group your honey falls in, we all know a women’s love for teddy bear. Considering the fact, we have thoughtfully included a cute teddy bear in the package. Every box contains a new random design teddy bear that will keep reminding her about you.

The box itself is actually a very beautiful keepsake box. Made from hardcore paper, this cute box features kawaii patterns. Finished with a glittery bow-knot, Boxa Boza makeup box delivers instant happiness.

You also have the liberty to choose from among the different greeting cards. We will hand write your message for your loved one that will definitely be a source of smile. 

We deliver these makeup boxes worldwide. If you are in a long distance relationship, fret not. Make your girlfriend miss you by leaving heart felt messages along with the assorted cosmetics this makeup box contains. Secured with paypal, BoxaBoza ensures 100% satisfied customers with swift processing & on time deliveries.

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