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Best Birthday Gifts for Her: Sweety Circle Lenses

What could make the best birthday gift for her than a pair of dolly circle lenses? Sweety circle lenses are imported from Korea that create an illusion of bigger and beautiful dolly looking eyes. The multiple tones fuse together to leave an impression of wide awaken eyes that drop jaws in awe & wonder.

Sweety circle lenses are available in various patterns & colors where the specialty is how intricately the hues blend & work together to leave an unforgettable impression. Though the diameter is not over-whelming huge; the effect you get wearing these lenses is still mind-blowing. Sweety circle lenses make one of the best birthday gift for her that will keep reminding her about you every day.

Sweety Éclair Green

These green circle lenses are an exquisite example of class & luxury. All the mesmerizing hues amalgamate softly & create magically inspiring eyes. These lenses blend amazingly against every eye color without losing their originality.

Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Green

These lenses have an icicle pattern that itself is gorgeous. Rest of the drama is created by the hues that integrate with each other like heaven’s dream. The lenses when worn against light colored eyes let some of your natural color peep through with a subtle fading. This let them create a beautiful heterochromia effect which is considered the most beautiful ocular disorder.

Sweety Bargello Grey

As the name mentions, these circle lenses are intricately designed. They are partially opaque so get pretty obvious when donned. These lenses make your eyes look powerful yet enthralling. They captivate the soul whilst ensuring a hypnotizing effect.

Get your choice of sweety circle lenses in any of these makeup gift boxes on her birthday this year at the fraction of a cost!

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