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Eye Gifts for Her: How to Rock Eye Glasses with Proper Makeup

As per the research studies, glasses make you look older. On an average they make you 3 years older than your actual age. Yet at the same time; people go all frenzy about wearing faux glasses- thanks to the latest trend “chic geek”. Even celebrities don eye frames for polished & trendy look that just make the right hit. You don’t have to necessarily sacrifice your style. Instead with the right makeup & accessories; you can rock your favorite faux eye glasses just like Emma Watson does! This year; set a new standard by buying eye gifts for her i.e. eye glasses along with contact lenses & other eye makeup accessories. Find all the required eye gifts for her in any one of our makeup gift sets.

How to Rock Faux Eye Glasses without Sacrificing your Style?

Opt for Bright Hues in Eye Liner:
Makeup experts opine that wearing black eye liner can be too heavy or solidly bold for women wearing glasses. To tame down the entire look with glasses; opt for brighter hues when applying eye liner. No matter what color your hair or skin tone is; deep burgundy and sparkly navy blue looks best peeping through your eye frames.

No need to waste lavishly on designer gifts for her when a simple pair of faux eye glasses can make her day.

Ditch your Eye Shadows for Soft & Sultry Smoky Look

Let go of your dark eye shadows and eye liner as they don’t look really appealing when magnified. Softly line your eyes close to your natural lash line and blend it into brighter & warmer shades of peaches & or violets. This helps creating a charismatic look that is perfectly sultry and sexy to wear on a weekend with glasses.

Make your Eyes Stand out using BB Cream

Yes you read it right. BB cream can help your eyes stand out. Glasses leave annoying red marks at your bridge of nose and temples that you can eliminate by preparing your skin using a tinted moisturizer. BB cream does not only conceal the uneven texture but also help unifying the tone. It also covers red marks glasses leave & help achieving a flawless polished skin that draw attention towards eyes.

Go Heavy on the Mascara but at Roots only
This is the trickiest part. Eyelashes that fall straight and strike the glasses will spoil the entire look. The key is to give your lashes a body at the roots. Keep the first coat casual but with the second coat, be heavy at the roots than tips. This will prevent lashes falling straight to your frames.

Avoid Heavy Eye Makeup at Brow Bone
Wearing too much makeup can look too heavy from under the glasses. For a sophisticated “geek chic” look avoid wearing eye shadows. When you must, go for the bright or earthy shades. Focus on blending in your crease to prevent creating an overwhelming look. It is suggested to strictly avoid wearing makeup on your brow bone as this cast an unflattering look when you are donning your eye frames.

Girls are after faux glasses lately as they make them look gorgeous & chic. Make your friend forever, happy by buying her this gorgeous gift set that includes all the necessary accessories to help her rock eye frames like a pro.

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