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Reuse, Reduce, Recycle: Reusable Gift Boxes by Boxaboza

Mother Earth needs love and it is high time to reduce the wastage and carbon foot print. Each one of us needs to play their part in making this planet a neat & clean home to our future generations. Trust us, recycling is fun and creative. You can add a personalized touch to your home by the art of recycling the wastage lying uselessly around your home. Even gifts deliver sentiments from heart when you have taken extra care to wrap and pack them. Grab an easy DIY tutorial to create your own reusable gift box,  made from old shoe boxes, fabric cuttings, ribbons & buttons your mother might have saved. Alternatively, you can also go a step ahead and order one of the various gift boxes by Boxaboza. These gift boxes are made from hardcore paper that make them reusable for good!

The diligent designs of our boxes and thoughtful collaboration with skilled designers bring you the most festive & luxurious wrapping with no cut & tape wastage. These gift boxes are perfect for housing medium to light weight accessories & gift sets. The hardcore paper from which it is manufactured, keep it safe enough to store the delicate & fragile decorative objects & jewelry pieces. BoxaBoza gift boxes allow you to pack even the oddly shaped gifts ingeniously. You don’t need to flip off the boxes and tear the wrapping aggressively when you have these Kawaii reusable gift boxes to surprise someone.

BoxaBoxa reusable gift boxes come with cute printing and are finished nicely with glitter ribbon that cuts off the tedious job of wrapping with the paper. These reusable gift boxes serve as a keepsake or treasure box which your friend would love to own. Boxaboza gift boxes would be admired even by your granny where she will definitely fancy to store her stitching supplies including threads, studs, buttons & knitting needles etc.

Gift boxes are always good to have on hand. They increase the value of the gift & make it more presentable. Reusable gift boxes will last probably longer than the actual gift. Boxaboza gift boxes  host makeup deals & skin care bundles where the boxes themselves can be reused for giving gifts, crafting, decorative displays & more. 

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