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How to Look Pretty with Frames: Get Free Frames with BoxaBoza Beauty Boxes

Frames are getting back in fashion. When carried well, they make you look pretty & confident with a high intellect. BoxaBoza Beauty Boxes aim to provide you a complete package of fashion accessories that draw attention towards your peepers. With every beauty box, you are entitled to receive a free pair of frames that you can wear to accentuate your eyes. Remember, when wearing frames and contact lenses together, emphasize on creating harmony with colors. Here is how to look good and feel easy with your frames.

Free Oriental Kawai Frames with Beauty Boxes

With our beauty boxes, you get a free pair of Kawaii oriental frames that fit almost every one. These Kawaii frames, subtly accentuate both Caucasian and Asian features with elegance. We offer free frames in neutral colors so that you have enough room to play with your eye shadows & colors in your outfit.

Keep your Eye Brows Groomed
Eye brows frame your face and with glasses these are the central features that get the most attention. Keep your eye brows neatly shaped, taking care to nip off the stray hair. Fill in the gaps with an eye pencil and make sure your eye brows are in symmetry.

Your Eye Lashes & Under Eye Bags Need Attention
Eye glasses tend to highlight the imperfections. Make sure to conceal the flaws that surround your eyes. Pay attention that your eye bags are not puffy when you flaunt with frames. Furthermore, if you have long thick lashes; it would be a very annoying feeling to have your lashes keep striking the glasses every now & then. Keeping your lashes curled don’t only resolve the issue but also make your eyes look awakened and wide.

Also keep your eye makeup soft especially your eye liner. Glasses tend to magnify your eyes, therefore be very careful to avoid shrill, winged or bold eye liner applications across your eyelids.

Eye Shadows – Stay Subtle
Wearing eye shadows from opposite color family than of your frames help standing your glasses out. On the other hand, if you want to keep your look sophisticated and natural, wear same colored eye shadows or neutrals. You need to be a bit pickier, if you are also wearing colored contacts with your glasses. Make sure, your glasses and colored lenses belong to same color family. For perfect execution stick to solid black and brown hues with your glasses & contacts.

Wear your Hair Loose & Long
The best hairstyle that give you facial features a bit more oomph, is wearing them lose & long. If you have short hair, a retro side-parted bob will do.

Beauty Box Review & Pictures

Eye glasses may not be a perfect choice for vision correction but are cool to make a fun style statement. Get your beauty box today & grab a free pair of Kawaii frames along with several other makeup & fashion accessories!

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