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Off-Peak Wedding: Cut-off Wedding Expenses with BoxaBoza Glam Boxes

Wedding means huge extravaganza. True that wedding is once in a life time event; but does this mean that you shop till you drop? Saving will help you plan the other expenses ingeniously. The best way to save whilst planning your wedding is choosing off-peak season. During off-wedding months; wedding services including event planner, photographers, and catering, traveling & honey-moon packagers are hunting hard for business. Save more, to shop more of the beauty essentials that a bride requires. Boxa Boza glam boxes are available at cut-price these months, that will on the other hand cost you a lot more.

Boxa Boza offers five different beauty boxes that contain skin care & cosmetics. Each beauty box contains beautiful makeup accessories from circle lenses, eye kits, glasses, lashes to BB creams. Boxa Boza glam boxes make a perfect gift for her that vows to help her maintaining her beauty. Getting a bride each or all these gift boxes will add more to the charm of her wedding. Since these are exquisitely packaged and adorned with net-glitter ribbon; they make adorable gift sets for every bride.

Our boxes feature famous top-scoring brands such as Abbott Medical Optics, Stella fashion eye lashes, Mask House, Rohto, Sweety & Solone etc. Purchasing these imported products directly from the sellers will make a dent in your pocket and that too when you are already under stress by seeing your hefty wallet go skimpy. Our Complete Box and Winter Box serve as the best bridal favor giveaways. It does just more than transforming your look on your big day. If “Complete Box” makes you look flawless the Winter Box battles against winter chills and prepares your skin for the wedding day.

Planning your wedding off-season will save you a huge deal of money. However, depending on the climate; winter can be severely damaging to skin. This is why; don’t forget to get your bride our Winter Box along with Complete Box including every beauty essentials recommended for a bride-to-be. 

and a cute little mystery gift for your bride from Boxa Boza

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