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Perfect Makeup Gift Set for the Christmas: Gorgeous Box by BoxaBoza

Gorgeous Box by BoxaBoza

Hear the jingle bells? Holiday season is just around the corner & the festivities have already begun. Christmas mistletoe might have been mounted in your TV lounge already. All it awaits now are the beautiful baubles. Surprise your friends this Christmas with our newly launched “Glam Boxes” that make perfect makeup gift sets for any makeup-holic!

Gorgeous Box by Boxa Boza is a hard-core chic box that houses deluxe-sized Korean skin care products. From moisturizing face mask to big eye contact lenses; this makeup gift set includes everything for your makeup obsessed friend. The box offers the following

  1. Solone Color Party glitter black eye liner pencil for creating a smoldering look at Christmas
  2. Your choice of SweetyCon contact lenses
  3. A Kawaii glass frame studded with a little bow
  4. Skin79 moisturizing animal fun mask -- Review here
  5. Complete Blink N Clean eye drops
  6. Assorted Contact Lens case
  7. Greeting card & a mystery gift to add to her surprise.

Unboxing of Gorgeous Box

Boxaboxa makeup gift sets will set everyone in auspicious holiday mood. The surprises don’t just end here. We have variety of gift boxes, aesthetically hand-wrapped that define the spirit of festivities. Holidays can be stressful. Before everything gets out of stock; place an order for your favorite Christmas gift box. Enjoy the real spirit of Christmas by splashing the colors of happiness that come wrapped in beautiful glam boxes!

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