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SweetyCon Circle Lenses for Natural Looking Big Eyes

These trendy scintillating big eye circle lenses are the major component of Boxaboza glam boxes. They create an illusion of bigger & brighter eyes that sparkle without any over-whelming drama. SweetyCon circlelenses are certified by FDA. The designs are inspired from the Mother Nature where the magical hues play the whimsical tunes.

SweetyCon circle lenses come in eight sparkling series. These multi-tone circle lenses make your eyes look whimsical with the variety of designs that never fail to impress you. They blend in nicely to look-like the true color of your eyes. From translucent to intensely pigmented lenses with remarkable color pay off; SweetyCon circle lenses are something to awe-inspire you. They are shrill and at the same time soft to accentuate your peepers for a sophisticated look.

SweetyCon lenses are capable of making your eyes shine like manga heroines. They make a perfect choice for both light & dark colored eyes. They are made using new advanced breakthrough technology of sand-which printing that keeps the pattern and the pigments intact within the two layers of the lenses. They are manufactured under state-of-art laboratories that have earned the brand ISO and medical certifications.

For glorified & youthful big eyes; adorn your eyes with hot in town, just-released SweetyCon lenses. Be the show-stopper with your eyes that mesmerize!

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